Open CarPool is an award-winning Open Source ride sharing system for companies. It will help to tap the huge climate gas and cost saving potential of work-related commute.

Benefits for the participating companies:

  • Reduced need for parking space
  • Improved relations and informal communication between colleagues
  • Reduced CO2 emissions for an improved GHG balance sheet and a green company image
Benefits for drivers and passengers:
  • Shared commuting costs
  • Cross-departmental relationship building
  • Permission to use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes

And we will all benefit from fewer cars on the street which will lead to lower resource consumption, a smaller carbon footprint, less noise and an improved traffic flow through less congestions.

To see if the system is the right fit for your organization, see our demo page.
To learn more about the concept, check out MIT's Climate CoLab.


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